The Empringham rapper Booggz is back with an early birthday gift for his fandom, drops a music video for “Auto Theft.

Booggz wanted to make his birthday even more special by releasing a song called “Auto Theft”. The song and the music video were promoted on his Instagram page, and he thanked everyone for making this video movie-like.

Patience is needed if you are a Booggz fan because after a long wait, his album “Father Figure” is on the way.

Many say “Auto Theft” introduces a whole new era of the rapper’s career, and his effort on the track cannot be denied.

His lyrical game has always been on point, but the rapper has added a controversial diss, stating, “He with Larry I am with Steph”, so the song will definitely reach the headlines.

Recent updates on Booggz’ music

His last hits, “From Toronto with Love” and “Sorry For The Wait“, have raised the bar, but his fans think the best is yet to come.

Still waiting for the release of the whole album; Booggz fans at least have a dope song to listen to this summer.

If you want to know the latest updates on “Father Figure”, follow Booggz on his Instagram page, where he will definitely promote it.

This summer is reserved for Booggz, and he will probably not disappoint.

Check Booggz’s new music video for “Auto Theft” above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you support Booggz and if you are ready for the new album to drop.

Quotable lyrics:

“Fifty thousand on my neck,

in the club, they show respect,

if they glizzy or they tight,

got a feeling it is tight,

she is so freaky 10 percent,

call it wap, but is it wet?”