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Paco – Cz World

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Paco Dedicates Cz World to Franklin Owusu

Paco released Cz World in tribute to his late friend Franklin Owusu, who passed away in December 2021. YTN Paco is a rapper from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. According to 6ixBuzz, Paco became a rapper after losing his friend Duwop. Before Duwop passed away, Paco promised him that he would become a rapper, and he has since fulfilled that promise. With that said, the loss of Franklin Owusu, also known as Cz, explains the melancholy tone of Cz World based on the grief and disbelief of losing his friends. All in all, Paco did excellent service in making a tribute to his friends through this single.  

While Cz World carries an overall melancholy tone, there’s also a hopeful undertone in the song that allows balance, which gives listeners a peaceful and healing experience. Paco immediately addresses the sombre tone when he says, “There’s no safety on this block. You could get shot,” mentioning the loss of Franklin. This loss brings great sadness to the Toronto rapper, putting him in a state of hopelessness when he says, “I don’t know if I’m ever going to make it out.” However, this hopelessness takes a turn when Paco says, 

“We all got it, just like what Franklin says. But I know you’re watching over me. The only way is up. It’s going to take us out of here. Ain’t going to let nobody stop my plans.”

Although there’s a sense of sadness throughout the song, Paco reminds himself that his friend is looking over him and that to honour his memory, the rapper needs to be successful in his career.     

Paco Cz World

Paco- Cz World

The music video was directed and edited by ry.ones and co-directed by joegunnerbh. They both did a great job capturing the emotional subject matter through a respectable lens. Right at the beginning of the music video, we see a clip of Paco performing at the 2022 Rolling Loud show in Toronto. Right after, this scene follows a series of clips with Paco rapping in different parts of his neighbourhood and visiting Franklin’s grave site. We also see a very sentimental clip of Paco rapping while he’s surrounded in a circle by his friends with their heads down. This emotional scene was very touching as it shows how many people were affected by the loss and how many cared about Franklin. After this scene, we see the group of friends release a dove in honour of their friend. With that said, long live Franklin Owusu.  

Overall, Cz World is a sweet and sincere homage to the late Franklin Owusu. May his memory forever be honoured, my loved ones and listeners and may this song symbolize the number of people touched by his presence when he walked this earth. For those who don’t know Franklin personally, may this song convey a silver lining in loss and despair.

To listen to Cz World, click the YouTube video linked above. Also, give YTN Paco a follow on Instagram. Make sure to also check out ry.ones and joegunnerbh on Instagram.