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Hoodbaby Rahrah – Danger Zone

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Hoodbaby Rahrah drops out a new visual for Danger Zone

Hoodbaby Rahrah fired up the public when he released his new song Danger Zone 2 weeks ago. The new visual caused numerous positive reactions from the audience and quickly became popular on YouTube. Over 17 thousand people watched the visual in 2 weeks. The video is on Hoodbaby’s official YouTube channel.

The rapper did the visuals with an excellent team. The video was directed and edited by Roy Reels and King Bee. Hoodbaby Rahrah decided to shoot the video in a neighbourhood located in Toronto. The rapper got together with a couple of crew members and shot the video in the quiet streets of the city. With the production, Hoodbaby Raharah decided to shoot scenes on the streets marked with graffiti, where the graffiti design perfectly fits the rapper’s style. In addition, the team decided on a location in front of the market at night and several other streets in the neighbourhood.

The song is easy to remember, and the melody will get stuck in your head. The first bars of the song are colored by a nostalgic emotion and a light melody in the accompanying vocals. The rapper slowly floated into his section with many good beats from those notes. Hoodbaby Rahrah’s very beautiful and melodious voice complimented these powerful lyrics. Along with the lyrics in the background, we can hear a good melody and simple chords on the piano.

Hoodbaby Rahrah paid special attention to details, such as his hoodies that perfectly fit the street graffiti design.

This young talented rapper has been very active in creating new music projects recently. In addition to his singles, the rapper successfully collaborates with other artists. Three months ago, in collaboration with Hoodbaby Peppa and GG he did a song called Mona Lisa. He did the most projects in collaboration with Hoodbaby Pepa, so a year ago, they did a brutally good project called Sauce Ain’t Familia, which almost 100 thousand people have viewed since its release.

This year, the rappers did one song called Ghetto Love. We are sure that their successful collaborations will continue in the future. The song Danger Zone is sure to be a big success if judging by the score so far.

On his Instagram profile, Hoodbaby Rahrah is gaining popularity and a growing number of followers due to the good content he shares with his followers. When the visual was officially released, the rapper posted promotional video material and a cover photo on his Instagram. He invited followers to watch the visual and support him. If you are interested in more interesting content, follow the rapper on his Instagram profile.

If you want, you can follow Hoodbaby’s official YouTube channel and follow all the news about his new music projects. Check out the link below, and watch the visual for Danger Zone. Write in the comments how you like the visual.