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Da Crook – More Than Music

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Da Crook drops out a new visual for the song More Than Music

Da Crook wowed his audience when he released his new visual for the song More Than Music just 5 days ago. In a few days, the song was viewed by over 17K people who left a lot of positive comments on both the song and the visuals. The song is on his official YouTube channel, with over 10,000 subscribers.

Rising star Da Crook made the visual in collaboration with the best team. When watching the video for the first time, we notice that the visual is rich in fantastic effects and interesting content. The video alternates scenes from the studio while the rapper is recording and working with scenes on the street. Surrounded by his dangerous crew and a dog guarding him, Da Crook punches out rhymes to his heavy beat.

You will enjoy the good lighting effects in this video. With good graphics, the rapper included a flight of bats in his video, which brought a new atmosphere and darkness to this video.

In this song, Da Crook talks about himself and how he lives for rap and much more. This simple text reached the audience very easily, so these days the audience often quotes parts of the text in their comments.

The rapper’s melodious and pleasant voice gently follows the rhythm and beat and evokes this life text.

In addition to this song, the rapper has been very active recently, working on his music projects. The visual for the song Take a Trip, which he released 3 months ago, was viewed by over 180 thousand people. No less successful was the song Cheffin’ Up, which he did in collaboration with DJ Charlie B, which he released before the song More Than Music. We are sure this song will be one of the most listened to this summer and will be as successful as his previous projects.

The distinctive style of the rapper Da Crook is reflected precisely in the presentation of his life through text and visuals. In almost all of his songs, the rapper shows and tells the audience what his life looks like.

On June 25, he posted a short video on his Instagram profile and promoted his new single. At the same time, he invited his followers to watch the video and leave comments. Da Crook also received great support from other artists like Syph and Russell. In addition to promoting his music projects, we can find rich content and lots of good photos from his private life on his Instagram profile.

If you haven’t seen it, click on the link below and watch the new visual for the song More Than Music. Write in the comments how you like the new video.