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Munna Cash – Ride The Wave (Video)

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A visionary heart is stepping on another level with his new single “Ride the Wave”

Munna Cash is a Canadian star that is rising, and you should remember that name – as he released another music video for his single called “Ride the Wave.” Although he said that he is not planning to release every song with a video, this one found its way to be shot by the cameras.

Having such ability to put his heart and soul into every single that he shares with us lets him pull off smoothly this hip-hop/rap genre. Amongst many other underground artists in Toronto, Munna Cash stands out because of this. And Because of what he once said, “I’m selling my dreams.”

Being not only a visionary artist but Munna Cash is also a brand as well. As he said, “My music is a reflection of who I am, and Born Star Records is a reflection of my hustle.”

This young artist, who shines with his natural and skillful appearance with being in front of the camera, shows us yet another great project – directed by @3xrnzo. Released on March 10, 2021, the single “Ride the Wave” certainly proves that this artist has a promising career. The song length is 2:21, which is enough to get you hooked up with his work. You’ll get attached pretty fast to his song, as the vibe he sent with his sound and the power of his lyrics don’t keep anyone indifferent.

Skillfully carried out, this song represents everything you want to know about the current culture of urban music, and Munna will not disappoint you ever with his view of the place that he shares with these tunes.

Make sure that you follow the work of Munna Cash and stream his music on all available platforms.