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LNC Grind x LNC Capo – Blowing Up

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LNC Grind x LNC Capo – Blowing Up

On 3.12.2021. the rising stars of Toronto’s rap scene LNC Grind and LNC Capo released a music video for “Blowing up” on the LNC Music YouTube channel.

Both rappers are working hard to claim their spot on the top of the scene. 

And they are doing great! 

The new video brings the classic gangsta flow, with saucy lyrics and undeniable self-esteem.

“Blowing up” brings the story of life in the hood, with straightforward honesty and explicit content stylishly delivered.

This catchy song will quickly seize your mind, making you play it on repeat.

The confidence of the rappers is emerging from every part of the song, and as they say, “None of my niggas be no names.” 

They are proud to be who they are, and they are confidently claiming their territory.

Grind & Capo really know their beats, and even though they stick to the classic trap thematic and style, they still bring the unique spark.

Young and ambitious, they focus on the top-notch production and rememberable music flow that stick with you for days after listening.

They tend to create interesting videos with a story, and “Blowing up” follows the same drill.

However, we will not spoil the fun by revealing too many details, so go ahead and watch the video above if you already haven’t.

We are sure both of them are yet to show what they’ve got in their pockets.

For that reason, we are eagerly waiting for their next releases.

Stay tuned for Grind & Capo’s work by following them on Instagram in the links below.

LNC Grind: @GrindLNC_Official

LNC Capo:@lnccapo

Quotable lyrics:

“And I know the streets gonna cost me

And I know they watching, they copy

And I know my chain is bossing

Just know that I’m strapped like a car seat.”