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Doe Boy & Bobby Shmurda – Catch A Body

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Doe Boy releases a new video Catch A Body in a collab with Bobby Shmurda 

Doe Boy did a collaboration and made a new hit for this summer called “Catch A Body ft. Bobby Shmurda. The premiere of this visual was on July 6, 2022. The song has over 780,000 views in just a few days and is fast approaching the first million views. The rappers made intense visual content to which the audience responded positively.

In cooperation with the best production of Doe Boy and Bobby Shmurda, they decided to record a video that conveyed their good energy to the audience. I recorded the visual in a music studio in a completely relaxed and relaxing atmosphere. The artists relaxed, rapped and danced with their crew while belting out the rhymes of this brutally good lyric with ease.

A light visual presentation perfectly connected the artists with their audience. With this visual presentation, the rappers not only conveyed good energy but also showed what the other side of recording a music project looks like.

In this video, we can see how relaxed they were filming this and that the artists thoroughly enjoyed this project.

Doe Boy’s popularity is also growing at an incredible speed on Spotify. Over 1.2 million people listen to the rapper’s songs a month. His most played song on the Spotify platform is the song 100 Shooters, which has an incredible 57 million streams. A slightly smaller success was also achieved by the song Walk Down.

Doe Boy’s new project made the audience particularly happy these days. A few days ago, Doe boasted and released his new album on his official YouTube channel. The new album is called Catch Me If You Can, and we can hear 9 fantastic songs on it. So far, the songs Pep In My Step and Front Door have stood out so far. The song Pep In My Step was released just a few hours ago on his official channel with visual content that especially delighted the audience.

We expect that Doe Boy will please us with more new visual content for other songs from the new album.

The rapper’s Instagram profile promotes and publishes his music with his followers. In addition to his music, you can see a lot of interesting content and photos from his private life. If you want to stay up to date with current affairs, follow the rapper’s Instagram profile and join his Instagram army of over half a million followers.

If you haven’t seen the visual for the song Catch My Body, click on the link below. Write in the comments how you like the new song and the collaboration of these two fantastic artists. You can find Doe Boy’s new album on his official YouTube channel. If you subscribe to his official channel, you will be up to date with all the new visual content from the rapper’s new album.