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Eli Fross – Bad Days ft. Sleepy Hallow

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Eli Fross releases the new official video for the song Bad Days in a collab with Sleepy Hallow

Eli Fross made a great collaboration with Sleepy Hallow and delighted the audience with a new song. The visual for the song Bad Days was released on July 8, 2022, and has already received over 1.2 million views. The audience was delighted with their collaboration and the light sound they brought. The visual is on Eli Fross’s official YouTube channel.

The perfect combination of styles of these two rappers brought a lot of success to the new song. Nimi Hendrix, who directed the video, is credited for this excellent visual. The story we see in the visual is interrupted by scenes of rapping with the team and exciting photos from the rapper’s archive. In the video, you will see a murder that fits perfectly with the lyrics of the song but also with the title of the song Bad Days.

This song is just for you if you want to hear a relaxing light sound. A light guitar introduction and a pleasant melody accompany the emoticon of this song. Eli Fross and Sleepy Hallow have similar singing styles, and both rappers have beautiful melodic voices that you will enjoy.

The song and the visuals brought a lot of lovely comments from the audience, who recognized their emotion.

Eli Fross released his big project with 13 new songs two weeks ago. The rapper’s latest album is called The Golden Child, where the cover photo features his childhood picture. Eli’s new album is especially listened to these days and has an increasing number of views. We expect a visual for one of the songs from this album soon.

The song Bad Days set TikTok on fire. With this dynamic sound, there are almost 900 views on TikTok. The fantastic music of this talented rapper has excellent popularity on other platforms as well. On Spotify, the rapper has over a million listeners per month.

In addition to promoting his music, Eli Fross shares a lot of interesting content on his Instagram account. For example, he recently posted a prank video that made his fans laugh and delight. Also, when his last song and last album were officially out, he shared that information with his audience and invited them to support his new projects. If you want to see more exciting content, follow this talented rapper on his Instagram profile, which has over 160 thousand followers.

Click on the link below and watch the new visual for the song Bad Days. Write in the comments how you like the new visual. If you want to hear Eli’s new project, you can find his album on his official YouTube channel:

Read part of the lyrics of the new song Bad Days below:

I remember days when I was down, I had to get up
Been watchin’ all these niggas count they wins, I got my shit up
I ain’t never fold, ain’t never snitch, ain’t never bitch up
And anytime I’m walking down that strip, I got my chin up