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One Don – Larger Than Life

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One Don Drops Music Video for “Larger Than Life”

Toronto artist One Don has just released his latest track “Larger Than Life”. This latin infused hip-hop banger has a tasteful swing to it that will surely have you moving as soon as the track comes on. With the electric bounce and excellent lyricism of One Don, “Larger Than Life” is one you absolutely cannot miss.

One Don has been quietly putting in work for several years now, releasing music videos through the 6ixBuzz YouTube channel. His “Awake Freestyle” was one of his first explosive tracks, establishing his choppy style with an incredibly creative use of falsetto and autotune. The way he chooses to flow on his tracks is completely catchy, it’s difficult not to get the melodies stuck in your head. “Witness” is another great example of how the many unique ways Don can hit the beat, adopting a slower flow for the first portion of the song before speeding up with the introduction of his falsetto.

With an un-inimitable style, One Don is looking like his come-up is well underway. “Larger Than Life” is a great addition to the steadily growing discography of the artist. With his exceptional ear and well written rhymes, One Don is a rapper you certainly don’t want to miss.

One Don Larger Than Life

One Don – Larger Than Life

Down with the Badness

The instrumental for this latest track already feels like a big leap forward for the artist, as it begins with an airy piano line surfing over the ad-libs of One Don. When the percussion comes in, One Don begins easily flowing on the rhythm. His island-influenced lyrical style combines in an unlikely way with the latin instrumental. As he raps about “toxic bitches” and living the “hot life”, it’s difficult not to become entranced in the way that he crafts his rhymes. Clearly Don is elevating on his already well established persona, as even the high-pitched ad-libs seem to hit differently from his previous efforts.

The video is directed by Jamil Da Film Maker and again feels like a big leap in production value for One Don. Massive aerial shots fly over a sandy white beach with crystal-clear waters. VHS-style effects show the artist enjoying island life at fancy restaurants and performing in beautiful greenery throughout the gorgeous vacation destination. The second half of the video features some more hits of fancy editing, with black bars blocking out everything but Don’s eyes. The artist’s charisma holds you from start to finish, and overall it is a great and entertaining venture.

One Don can be found on Instagram, where his stories are filled with pics from his exciting lifestyle. His posts show behind the scenes footage and candid shows of the artists, so its a great pace to keep tuned in. “Larger Than Life” is on youTube right now, so be sure to check it out!