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Bankroll Freddie – Patience ft. Lil Baby

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Bankroll Freddie in a collab with Lil Baby drops out a new official video for the song Patience!

Today, Bankroll Freddie premiered the official video for the song Patience. He did the song in collaboration with the great artist Lil Baby. The visual is on Bankroll Freddie’s official YouTube channel, and in just a few hours, the video has been viewed by over 32,000 people. The audience is delighted with the collaboration of the young rapper with the big star Lil Baby.

Together with their team, the rappers have created a fantastic song and visual that you will surely enjoy. The video is full of exciting content, where we can see scenes from performances and scenes from recording in the studio. Filming luxury cars and playing around with money show how much patience has benefited their career. The text of the song is perfectly integrated into the visual, and in this song, the artists say exactly what patience is for them, but also what patience has brought in their life.

A light introduction in the guitar slowly leads us to a captivating and melancholic melody that you will quickly remember. With soft notes, they blended the styles perfectly. We can notice that Bankroll Freddie has a more melodic voice that matches the rhymes and rapping of Lil Baby. In the background, light chords are heard in a driving tempo. The song brings good energy, and you will surely enjoy listening to this song on repeat.

Bankroll Freddie makes excellent collaborations, which we could notice from his previous songs, where all the pieces were hits with good vibes. However, three months before the song Patience, the artist dropped the visual for Pickin’ Sides in collaboration with Icewear Vezzo. The song has received over 1.2 million views so far.

Recently, there was news in the media that Bankroll Freddie was arrested for illegal activities, speeding and drugs. This inspired and motivated him to create fantastic projects and collaborations where he would talk more about his feelings and his desires.

This is precisely one of the reasons why his big project is called From Trap To Rap 2. This project is a continuation of the 2020 project of the same name. So, together with the premiere of the song Patience, this is the premiere of his project From Trap To Rap 2, which the audience has been eagerly waiting for a long time.

On his Instagram profile, Bankroll Freddie announced his project and shared a link to the new song Patience with the audience. His practitioners supported his recent projects with many positive comments that we can read on his profile. If you are interested in what this talented artist has in store for us next, follow his Instagram profile, where the rapper regularly updates his audience about his music.

If you haven’t watched the new video, click on the link below. Please write in the comments how you like the collaboration of these two artists and their new song, Patience.

Read part of the lyrics below:

And patience was the key, ayy, I’m the livin’ proof I swear to God, ayy, look at me

Whoever thought that boy from back then off of sellin’ weed