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Lil Baby – On Me (Video)

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“Lil Baby drops new songs and videos the day after his 26th birthday”

Atlanta-born rapper Lil Baby doesn’t stop with the banging tracks. After gaining recognition back in 2017 with his release of his first mixtape Perfect Timing, the rapper has become one of trap music’s most prominent figures today, being crowned ‘Artist of the Year’ at the 2020 Apple Music Awards.

In celebration of his 26th birthday, Lil Baby released two songs, “Errbody” and “On Me” with their respective music videos. “On Me” premiered on YouTube on December 4th 2020 and has since gained 71.5 million views. 

Before the songs’ releases, the rapper’s most recent 2020 album My Turn spent five weeks at the top of the Billboard 200 and achieved double platinum. It also became no.2 on Billboard’s “Top Billboard 200 Albums of 2020.

The video – directed by Lil Baby himself with Keemotion – opens with text that explains the video is footage compiled from a recent random getaway:

“Hey so this is a Lil Baby video”

“Actually it’s just moments from a random trip” 

The random trip footage shows the rapper on jet skis, yachts and private jets surrounded by friends as well as girls in bikinis, as he raps about his success and fortunes:

“If I like it, I spend money on it, get whatever from me”

“Put six figures in your business, I do real s—t”

Lil Baby seems to be getting more popular with everything he drops, so there’s no doubt his fans need to prepare for even more fire tracks in the future. He is committed to growing his fanbase all while knowing that with one wrong move, he may lose everything – but we don’t think it’ll end that way for him. Stay updated with all his new releases, available on all platforms.