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FETTI x SHIFTY – Party Over




On 2.11.2021. Fetti dropped a music video ft Shifty and officially introduced himself to the rap game.

Both rappers appear in the video, and they sound terrific on the track; it feels like they know each other and have the same energy.

Fetti comes in strong with dope verses, and he rides the flow like he has been in the game for years. His confidence is radiant, and his witty raps need more attention.

Fetti covers the first part of the song, and one of his best bars is:”One in the head,it takes you like Kobe, holy moly, shocked, been blocking.” He raps fast and has good puns, and you can even catch all of them on your first listen.

Shifty comes in for the second part of the song, and he delivers top-notch bars and even gets us more confused with his fast rapping.

We don’t know a lot about these two, but they will be coming in with big hits soon, judging by the talent they just showed.

Two days ago, Fetti dropped a single “ Is Ya Ready” (Matalo Mix), so you should check that out as well if you like “ Party Over”.

Show some love to the newcomers in the game, and follow their musical journey; you won’t regret it.

Check out the music video for “Party Over”  by Fetti and Shifty & Follow Them.

If you want to show some support to the new guys in the game, leave a comment below.

Quotable lyrics:

“ ‘Cause if you get spotted, then breeze 

gonna win, next eight get shot in his face,

ricky ran ricky came back with the jakes,

no trace, no case, that’s a mind that took

on the hop, I’m a bomb, I can’t move 

without knocks.”