Sick Ppl – All Her Friends ft. Big Lean & El’ Plaga


On 10.7.2021. Big Lean dropped a collaboration with Sick Ppl, and El’ Plaga called ” All her friends”.

Big Lean proves once again that Parma court is one of the most talented Toronto hoods.

No one can deny that Lean hits hard on this track, but Sick’s hook is something that will get you hooked on the song in the first place.

The track has everything it needs to blow up: an interesting hook, beautiful tone and a melodic expression that shows that they do not need to autotune to hit hard.

The music video, shot by King Bee, with everything mentioned above, makes this one hell of a performance.

If you are into catchy tracks that you could listen to all day long, then don’t sleep on ” All her friends”.

Big Lean x El Plaga x Sick Ppl

“All her friends” is not the first track the three joined forces on. 

One of their most successful songs in 2020 was ” Never saw me”, with almost 1.000.000. views on YouTube.

The song was followed by the story that they bought their views, a rumour which none of them addressed.

With a new collaboration, maybe they will prove to the world that they deserved those views and gain even more with a new summer hit.

Will ” All her friends” be more successful than their last collaboration? We will just have to wait and see.

Check out the music video for “All her friends” above on this page.

Comment down below if you think the collaboration is fire.

Quotable lyrics:

” All her friends wanna hang with the gang

I really get to the bands

Hunnids and fifties they all in my hand

I run up a bag keep moving that sand

Put in that work, they know who I am”