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Paris Bryant – Dangerous

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Paris Bryant Drops Video for “Dangerous”

Paris Bryant has released the music video for his single “Dangerous”, a passionate R&B track off of his latest LP “A Trip to Paris”. The 19-year-old artist showcases his impressive vocal range as he delivers melodic bars over a soulful hip-hop beat. This emotional song is a wonderful showcase of Paris’ talent and deserves your attention.

Born to a family of musicians, with his father being an artist and mother a lyricist, Paris started to create songs at the young age of 9 years old. Maryland born and now Brooklyn based, the artist found stability in music as he bounced between his parent’s homes. In New York, Paris was a victim of bullying due to his southern accent and thrifted clothes. But this only served to make him more passionate in his pursuit of music, and with the release of his single “Heartbreak” he saw some real traction in the Hip-Hop community. So much so that he was signed to Cinematic in 2021.

2022 has been an exciting year for Paris, with the release of his first full length album “A Trip to Paris”. The LP covers a great deal of ground musically and showcases the artist’s versatile and melodic style. “Dangerous” is the sixth track off the album, pairing well with the new video it becomes quite the experience and introduction to this young talent.

Paris Bryant Dangerous

Paris Bryant – Dangerous

Sensual R&B with Fantastic Melodic Chops

Co-produced by Trigga and Decent Human, the track is built around a finger picked guitar sample and smooth bass. The 808s are complimented by stylish snaps that leave plenty of space for Paris’ signature melodic style. His singing voice is really something to behold in this song, with the ascending vocal lines in the midpoint of the record being a particular highlight. The artist sings about lovemaking from “1:34 to five in the morning”, his empassioned voice making you feel the emotion of the tune. The harmonies in particular on this track are extremely well done, adding depth to the already powerful song.

The visual element is also incredibly well done, depicting Paris in the bedroom with his lover. After Paris puts a cassette labeled “Dangrerous” in the stereo, the pair sit on the bed holding and caressing each other as the artist sings through the track. The location switches as the girl he is with walks out the door, with the duo standing back to back as the camera circles around them. Finally the video’s last location is a picnic, where the two seem to have reconciled. The narrative is not complicated, but it definitely adds flavor to the already impressive track.

You can catch Paris Bryant on his Instagram, promoting his latest songs and dropping pictures of his Brooklyn lifestyle. Tap in with his song “Dangerous”, as well as the rest of the EP and experience soulful R&B from this up-and-comer.