Booggz – From Toronto With Love


One of the hottest lead-ups in the modern rap scene, aka Booggz, has started a new era in his music journey with a dope new song called “From Toronto with Love”.

Does the title seem familiar? 

If the song sounds familiar to you, you are on the right track.

This is Booggz’s take on the famous “ From Florida with Love” by Drake.

Drake dropped this song in 2020 on his EP “Dark Lane Demo Tapes”.

Booggz  announces that he is back in the music game, with his catchy lyric “ I am back baby, where the love?” on “From Toronto with Love”.
Besides expressing his immense love for his hometown, Booggz gives us a chill song to enjoy while waiting for his new album.

Is a new album on the horizon?

Fans are eagerly waiting for his full-length album titled “Father Figure” which was set to be released in 2020. However, Booggz hasn’t dropped the highly anticipated album yet.

The name “Father Figure” represents his status as one of the new shapers of the Toronto music scene.

The young rapper is definitely on his rise to stardom after hits like “ Camilla” and “Floorboards”, we can expect that his new music project will not disappoint.

All his life Booggz has been influenced by Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Drake.

His biggest flex was going on tour with his Canadian counterpart Drake.

Besides that his draws inspiration from his real life, saying that the streets of Toronto taught him everything there is to know.

Quotable lyrics from From Toronto With Love:

“Haven’t seen the 6 in 7 months

Fuch yeah, I am back baby

Where the love?”.

Check out the song in the video above provided to us from Toronto’s Booggz

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