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Toronto rapper Duvy releases the official music video “SCHIZOPHRENIC.”

Toronto rapper surely catches the attention of the crowd. At this rate, Duvy – a Canadian superstar – continues to attract more listeners each day by steadily introducing us to his music. The music video for “SCHIZOPHRENIC” is the second project he released at the beginning of this year, following the first one, “SOUTHWAY,” which was shot by @julezleo.

This brilliant Toronto performer and Hip-Hop/Rap artist, Duvy, rose to become one of the most famous artists in a relatively short time. Amazing artist in his 20s is already racking up millions on YouTube, with his songs, from which some of his most famous ones are “2 Sides of Me,” “NightmareZ,” “How it is,” and others. The other songs are individually racking up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, but you’ll definitely hear some that will make you instantly go crazy about this artist.

The music video “SCHIZOPHRENIC” is 2:18 long, which is enough that you will wish to hear and see more from Duvy – if this is the first time you hear of him. The video was released on February 26, 2021, and is already racking up more than 316k views on YouTube.  So much talent and passion this young artist has towards music – which he shows in the work he’s been doing.

Many of his fans are just loving the vibes that he’s sending through his songs. The “SCHIZOPHRENIC” is a song with powerful lyrics, and together with his first-class voice and the track’s melody, this song will take you to a whole other universe. Get yourselves ready to put it on repeat.

Check out the “SCHIZOPHRENIC” video above, make sure that you follow the work of Duvy, and stream his music on all available platforms.