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G Herbo – Break Yoself (Video)

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The platinum-selling Chicago rapper and entrepreneur G-Herbo reveals a brand new track with an accompanying video. This marks his very first release of 2021. 

He launches straight into “Break Yoself” with a manic flow over an ominous 808. G-Herbo brags about his violent, mafioso ways using some unorthodox rap flows:

“Bullet holes size of hula hoop, we hit his brother with

We done spinned the block and again, for the hell of it

But if this shit ain’t ’bout makin’ M’s, it’s irrelevant

We want all the smoke, gun smoke, niggas smellin’ it

Dead from all this smoke, real gas, don’t be inhaling’ it”

G-Herbo may not be for everyone, he’s someone that the newer generation of hip-hop heads can listen to and connect with.

As he consistently drops more music, his audience base should also grow along with his material, as he looks to distinguish himself on the formidable Chicago hip-hop scene.

Feel free to listen to Break Yoself Above