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ROCKSTAR WASTED – Eva Shaw & Swagger Rite

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A new visual/audio is out for the song “ROCKSTAR WASTED” BY Eva Shaw and Swagger Rite

Less than a month ago, the fantastic artist Eva Shaw released her new visual Rockstar Wasted. The video for the song Rockstar Wasted premiered on July 5, 2022. She did the song in collaboration with Swagger Rite. This visual is on Eva Shaw’s official YouTube channel. Eva’s new visual project is genuinely something that pushes the boundaries and will not leave you indifferent.

In cooperation with the top team, Eva Shaw and Swagger Rite, they made an exciting video that attracted the audience’s attention. They caused a lot of different comments and opinions. The video was edited and directed by Brock Newman. The entire visual is based on a minimalist symbolic presentation. Eva Shaw is in a hole that represents a grave. The artist is dressed in a minimalist costume and wears glasses to cover her entire body. What is interesting are the scenes where it is filmed from her perspective when two characters with hidden faces appear and look at her.

This minimalistic approach to visual presentation pushes the boundaries and blends beautifully with the text. For example, the artist, with many symbols, presents the lyrics of the song Rockstar wasted.

Eva is truly a talented artist who has accustomed her audience to modern concepts of her visuals for her projects. Each of her videos brings new energy and brilliantly designed visuals that we don’t often see on the music scene. Her distinctive style found its way to the audience.

Eva follows trends but also brings her signature to her projects. In the last few months, Eva Shaw has been very active in releasing her new songs. We can especially notice that the artist does a fantastic job collaborating with numerous other names from the music scene. On the playlist of her songs, we can see that the most significant number of songs were done in collaboration with other artists.

The song that particularly stood out to the audience was Midnight Stranger, released three months ago. During this time, over 120 thousand people watched the song. Her most played song so far is Calabasa, which she did in collaboration with BTK Villeion and has almost 800 thousand views.

The popularity of this young artist is also growing on the Spotify platform, where there are almost 300,000 listeners per month. The song with the most views on this platform is Space Jungle, which has over 8.6 million streams.

This Canadian artist has combined several arts, and in addition to being a DJ and writing fantastic lyrics, she works successfully as a fashion model and acts. This is precisely why Eva Swag has such a fantastic approach to art that we can best see through her music.

If you haven’t seen Eva’s new visual for the song Rockstar Wasted, click on the image below. Write in the comments how you like this minimalistic video. If you want to hear more of her music, then visit her official YouTube channel.