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GeeYou drops out a new visual for a song AMG

The premiere of the new GeeYou song was on June 26, 2022. The song AMG is on GeeYou’s official YouTube channel, and in just over 2 weeks, the visual has been viewed by over 300 thousand people who leave great comments under the video every day. The video is a luxurious story that you will surely enjoy, just like the music and the whole concept of the song.

The visual for the song was made in collaboration with BDot. Together with the rapper, BDot made a luxurious light video. In the visual for the song AMG, we can enjoy the scenes of driving luxury cars and GeeYou’s flaunting of luxury. This visual artist, in some scenes, wears a mask that covers his face, not to hide his identity but more as an integral part of the visual image.

Along with light rhymes and hard lyrics, we can also hear simple chords in the background that help the text reach the fore. GeeYou’s cool voice fits perfectly with the cool melody and slower beat.

If you are in the mood for some light version of a slower tempo, the notes of which will relax you, then the song AMG is exactly for your playlist.

The AMG song became a real banger on TikTok as well. For this short period on the TikTok platform, there are already over 8.4 million views for this sound.

GeeYou’s music has a lot of popularity and is a good stream on the Spotify platform. Over 100 thousand listeners play the rapper’s music every month.

In recent months, the rapper has been active and worked intensively on his projects. Three months before he released the visual for the song AMG, we could hear the song Bando he did in collaboration with Young Adz. Over 700,000 people viewed the song during this period. This song is an integral part of GeeYou’s big project, which was released a year ago.

There are 17 songs on the last album, and the song AMG is a continuation of the song AMG on this album. We can safely say that the AMG 2nd version achieved much greater success but also got a visual. The song Bando is the only one so far that got a visual out of all the songs from his album.

We hope the artist will turn some of his album’s hits into visuals we can enjoy.

The artist promoted his latest music drop on his Instagram profile when he posted a short video and informed his fans. Just a few days ago, the artist boasted about his great success with this song. Namely, on GeeYou’s Instagram profile, he announced that the song AMG 2 is 14 trending for Music on YouTube. If you want to see more interesting content, follow the GeeYou Instagram profile.

Click on the link below and watch the visual for this trending hit. Please write in the comments how you like the song and whether you think it deserves to trend.

Read part of the text below:

Don’t play with me, engine rip that’s AMG
Smoke for free, big drip that’s all on me
Score points i won’t concede
7 AM reload on keys