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Rob49 ft. Lil Baby – Vulture Island V2

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The Anthem of the South has been released – Rob49 and Lil Baby have released Vulture Island V2

The song that set the internet on fire is Vulture Island V2. The connection between Rob49 and Lil Baby brought a new anthem to the South. The video was released on March 25, 2022, on Rob49’s official YouTube channel and has been viewed almost 8.5 million times, which is a huge success for one project.

Vulture Island V2 is an anthem and a great motivation, especially for those struggling and trying to reach the top. Extremely strong and authentic is the section of Lil Baby’s that addresses everyone and tells how his path of struggle went and what it looks like in his life today. Rob49’s rap brings one dark and emotional side of the fight full of pain.

This fantastic story began when Rob49, 3 months before this second part, published Vulture Island and started this whole fight story. To make the whole thing more powerful and realistic, superstar Lil Baby joined him in that story. Through their cooperation, they raised the whole story to a higher level and increased the intensity of emotion. By joining Lil Baby, he showed that many found themselves in such a situation and that they went through this path of struggle.

The audience recognized good collaboration, and the sequel to Vulture Island has a much higher number of views on YouTube than Rob49’s single.

Rob49 in the past period only lowers successes and shows what he says in Vulture Island V2, that struggle, dedication, and self-sacrifice are the path to success that he enjoys today.

Video is a top-quality project of production, sound, and visuals. The scenography for the video looked like one performance at the end where everyone came out to start with a good rhythm and rap with the strongest text. Children and young people appear in the video, as well as everyone who symbolically starts their struggle, which only intensifies the intensity of the text. The rappers showed the greatest luxury by enjoying driving good cars and showing what life looks like today.

The song Vulture Island V2 also ignited TikTok, where you can discover a large number of popular content related to this song, which has over 79 million views. This song’s popularity has spread on all social networks and platforms on which this song listens intensively.

For those who were delighted with the first part of the story, we suggest you watch Vulture Island V2 as a sequel. Write in the comments which part you like better. Be sure to subscribe to Rob49’s official YouTube channel and follow all the news this popular rapper publishes.

Below, enjoy the text of the anthem of the South – Vulture Island V2:

My mind so fucked up, I see murders chillin’ in the park
Talk on the net, I’ll make my vulture go and flat his heart
Real stepper, he got six toes, he a creature
Project everyday, he don’t give no fucks, he tryna lead some