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Bad Boy Chiller Crew – BMW (French The Kid, MIST, Bugzy Malone Remix)

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Bad Boy Chiller Crew drops out a new visual for a song BMW Check out for French The Kid, MIST, and Bugzy Malone Remix!

 The visual that set the Internet on fire was the video for the song BMW. Bad Boy Chiller Crew and French The Kid, MIST and Bugzy Malone did a dope remix. The premiere of this visual was on March 18, 2022, and in a few months, since the visual was published, over 13 million people have watched it. The video is on the official Bad Boy Chiller Crew YouTube channel. We are sure you will go crazy for this song like most people who heard this banger.

Visual is an energetic flow full of positive and good vibrations. The team filmed a visual showing a mad car driving. These scenes alternate with scenes of rappers firing off rhymes at incredible speed. The song has a fast rhythm and tempo with driving music that raises the energy to the maximum. You will enjoy almost 5 minutes of non-stop brutal lyrics and bursting rhymes.

Although they are of different styles, the rappers perfectly combined their energies and brought a good vibe and a beat that doesn’t leave your head. The song is a fire until the very end. If you want to hear a song that will move you, then BMW is the song for you.

The rappers, with their audience immediately after the video release, also released the video Behind The Scenes. In this video, they shared interesting moments and showed how much fun they had while filming the visual.

This sound set the whole Internet on fire. On TikTok, with this sound, there are already an incredible 90 million views and several thousand great video content. Bad Boy Chiller Crew has become TikTok stars, where they have over half a million followers and nearly 3 million likes.

Bloggers on YouTube went crazy for this song. Many reactions were done to the visual of the BMW song, and everyone fell for this energetic rhythm.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew never stops delighting the audience, so after the recent tour, they scheduled new performances. In September of this year, we will be able to hear them in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles on their US tour.

Follow the Bad Boy Chiller Crew on Instagram and join their army of almost half a million followers. These talented artists share a lot of interesting content with their audience and all their musical projects and performances that await them.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the visual for the BMW song, click on the link below. Please write in the comments how you like this energetic song AND how you feel about the combination of these different style artists.

Read part of the text below:

Fuck that shit, better blow that club
Better fill that cup ’til the sun goes down
Big boy Jeep, I’ma spin that ’round
Five man deep, gotta run man down