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Yea – Gët Busy

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Yeat burn out the audience with visuals for Get Busy!

The visual for the song Get Busy premiered on August 29, 2021. Over 15 million people viewed the visual in one year. The video caused a lot of reactions, mostly positive. The song is one of the most listened to songs in the past period. The visual is on the official Yeat Music YouTube channel. We’re sure you’ll love this song on first listen if you haven’t listened to it yet.

Visual was produced by Flansie & Skimayne, and edited and shot by – Satch Films & Jack Rottier. The team created a minimalistic visual that brings a whole new dimension and identity that we haven’t had the chance to see in rap and hip-hop music videos. They shot the visual in a remote rocky location. The space where the scenes from the video were created is completely a minimalist architecture complemented by interesting visual effects.

The music is also innovative and different from other performers in this scene. Combining good rhymes and electronic sound in long chords brings one refreshment. The chords in the slow rhythm allow Yeat to highlight his text and tell the story in his style.

If you are listening to something different, music that relaxes and takes you to a new dimension, Get Busy is the song for your playlist.

Since introducing himself to the music scene, Yeat’s every musical project has had phenomenal results. The first song the Portland-based rapper released is Money Twerk, which has nearly 5 million views. What connects each song is a little more electronic sound, brutally good visual effects, and fantastic locations for recording his videos.

Since introducing himself to the public with his official channel, he has only released a single song. Collaborating with other rappers might not be his style of presenting music, but we expect him to do some brutal collaborations in the future. In addition to his channel, he publishes his music projects on the official YouTube channel Moshpxt.

Yeat gained a lot of popularity quickly, which we can see on other social networks. On the Spotify platform, Yeat’s music has 8 million monthly listeners, which is a great score.

On his Instagram profile, the rapper promotes his music and upcoming projects. Interestingly, on his profile, we can also notice a minimalist look in his photos. Over 1.5 million people follow this talented rapper. If you are interested in what kind of interesting content the rapper posts, follow his Instagram profile.

If you haven’t seen this brutally minimalist video for the song Get Busy, click the link below. Write in the comments how you like this new sound and visual.

Read part of the text below:

In the club, this bitch ride on me, I’m a rail (Yeah, yeah)
If my brother get locked inside the jam, I got his bail (Bail)
Bitch, we too legit (No cap), everything I said is real as hell (Yeah)
They can’t even tell the real from the fake, I wish ’em well (Say)