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Mozzy – Lurkin ft. EST Gee

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Mozzy and EST Gee release a new video for the song Lurkin

Mozzy, in collaboration with EST Gee, made a fantastic visual. The premiere of the song Lurkin was on July 1, 2022. Over a million people viewed the visual in a short period, leaving great comments on the video. The visual is on Mozzy’s official YouTube channel. With this successful collaboration, the rappers created a new banger.

Visual is an interesting film content that delights the audience. Mozzy and Est Gee made the visual in collaboration with Suzy production. At the beginning of the video, interesting short scenes behind the camera are shown. Black and white shots alternate with scenes in a dark environment, focusing on the artists and their rich text. Visual effects, such as blood on the screen, accompany and depict these hard lyrics.

Like the lyrics, the music is rich with dark chords that repeat until the song’s end and follow their rhymes. Mozzy’s collaboration with EST Gee was very popular with the audience, so they found their way to the audience easily. In this song, the rappers talk about how their emotions and reactions have changed, even towards those closest to them. In this song, we can perfectly see Mozzy’s lyrical skills. His past inspires his lyrics. In his rhymes, Mozzy talks about how persistent he is and how hard his struggle has been in vivid detail.

Song gets a lot of proctor and popularity on other platforms, too, especially on the TikTok platform, where there are almost 130 thousand views for videos created with this hard sound.

The song Lurkin is just an announcement for what is to come, which is the new album. As reported by the media, his seventh album in a row will be called Survivors Guilt. Judging by the vibe and audience reactions, his new music project will be his best flow so far.

Mozzy released a banger just 2 months ago. It’s about the visual for the song Tell Me The Truth, done by the team with Shordie Shordie. Over 5 million people viewed the visual.

On his Instagram profile, the rapper announced his new album when he also posted a visual for Lurkin. Namely, in addition to announcing to his followers that the song was released, he said that we could expect the new album on July 22. This caused great enthusiasm among the audience, so the followers supported him with many nice words and comments. The rapper promotes his music and projects with his 1.5 million followers on his Instagram profile. If you are interested in his interesting content, follow his profile.

Click on the link and watch this brutal visual for the song Lurkin. Write in the comments how you like the new collaboration of two great artists.

Read part of Lurkin’s lyrics below:

Even though they watchin’, I don’t see ’em comin’, fearin’ nothin’
Buttered out my body in the field huntin’
On the ‘Gram bluffin’, know what’s up, soon as I seen you up it
In the fire we burn niggas, learn when that steel touch ’em (Nigga, learn)