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GizzleStarrMade – Blicky

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GizzleStarrMade did not disappoint with his new song Blicky.

On 09.05.2021. GizzleStarrMade dropped a dope music video for the song “Blicky.”

The Canadian rapper has been consistent with his music, releasing a hit after a hit.

Gizzle has been teasing the single for days, and it did not disappoint the excited fans.

The newest banger is packed with fast and playfull bars, while the beat is nothing but pure gold. Gizzle has been in the game for some time now, but his latest works received really good reviews.

The rapper is seen in the music video throwing bars while surrounded by neon lights. The concept of the video is made to be colourful and flashy, so it complements the fast track perfectly. You have to listen to the song multiple times to catch all the puns.

Knemesis did a full-quality video for this one, so for fans of good visuals, this is eye-candy.

Gizzle is on fire this year.

Gizzle has put out two songs, ” Caution” and “Born to Win,” this year, and he continues to tease new releases. They both have an icy music video that goes with the track.

There is still no buzz around an album, but Gizzle has definetly been consistent with his releases this year. So we will just have to keep up with him and find out.

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You can take your time an watch Grizzle’s new music video for Blicky above on this page:

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Quotable lyrics:

” I keep my blicky, no slipping up,

can’t turn my back on my gang

ain’t no switching up,

eye on the prize they don’t give enough,

ride all my life just to live it up.”