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Toronto’s a l l i e Performs Sold Out Show at The Drake Underground

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Toronto artist a l l i e has brought down the house yet again with a fantastic homecoming show. Performing at The Drake Underground this past November, she gave her all at her first sold out show in Toronto and it was a true pleasure to witness. From the soulful crooning of her voice to the pump of the drums delivered by her live band, a l l i e took the audience on a journey from beginning to end.

a l l i e has been a steadily rising figure in the neo-soul world for some time now with her first single, Cross My Mind, beingreleased in 2013. Her harmonies and sensual lyrics captivate the listener and bring them into a l l i e’s world. From there, she released her first EP Moonlust in 2015, featuring more dance-centric work as well as the deep ballads like her initial record. a l l i e’s versatility was already on full display by this point.

The music world had no choice but to pay attention at the drop of her debut full-length Nightshade. Flexing on her previous material with massive leaps in production value, vocal range, and genre-bending style. Absolutely commanding lyricism brought a l l i e’s artistry to new heights. She followed this up with the short 4-track EP Nothing Else, done completely with producer The Kount. Featuring a more open and airy sound, the project continued to prove that a l l i e cannot be put in a box.

As of 2021 her biggest project to date, Tabula Rosa, comes as a climax and new beginning for a l l i e. Experimenting with new textures and ambience, the record pushes the boundaries of neo-soul even further and drives home the pure talent that is a l l i e. A pair of singles in 2022 show yet another new paradigm for the artist, with a distinctly modern sound again unprecedented from her previous work. It’s no surprise she was able to sell out a venue like The Drake Underground in her hometown.

Allie Toronto Show
a l l i e performing at The Drake Underground

An Unrivaled Evening of Soulful Music

Opening the show was fellow Toronto singer Faiza, who brought the crowd’s energy to a boiling point as she sang a few of her best tracks. Accompanied by Junia-T and live guitarist on stage to enhance her performance, Faiza did not disappoint.

a l l i e was accompanied by her full backing band, as her voice soared over the audience with perfect pitch and creative melodies. The passion and depth that she puts behind her lyrics are felt with new life in the live setting, lulling the audience into a trance from beginning to end of her performance. Joined on stage by special guest Progress, the evening did not stop bringing pleasant surprises.

Check out a l l i e’s Instagram if you want to stay up to date with her upcoming releases and future performances. Her show was a night to remember, and we can’t wait for her to return to the stage.