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Real5tar – Impatient (Video)

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Real5tar drops out a new visual for a song Impatient

The visual for the song Impatient was released on June 27, 2022. In almost 10 days since the video has been available, over 20 thousand people have watched it. Real5tar has done a great visual that you will love after the first viewing. The video is on the official GRM Daily YouTube channel.

CXSHH directed the video. The rapper gathered with his crew, with whom he shot the video in one location, making two different scenes. The first scene of the rapper standing surrounded by his partners rapping with him alternates with shots of the rapper sitting in a luxury car. They shot the video in a dark, darkened basement. We notice that Real5tar is wearing an orange scarf identical to the one his team wore. Some used the scarf to cover up their visual identity, while others used it as an accessory.

The rapper marked his visual music project with orange. As they were filming the video in a darkened environment, orange lights were on behind them, illuminating the basement where they were.

Real5tar presents himself to the audience for the first time with this song, and we can say that the audience already likes his style. In the visual, the rapper paid a lot of attention to details such as the scarf, and the clothing combination, where he and his team are dressed in a formal black outfit.

The visual perfectly accompanied the text and the story with which Real5tar introduced itself to the audience. His deep voice is perfectly blended into freestyle rapping. Music and simple chords that are constantly repeated follow the rhythm and beat.

If you like listening to something good, this is the right song.

Real5tar followed the trends of the rap music scene and formed his style. He showed his originality in good text and interesting visual content. According to the audience’s reactions, we can conclude that successful musical projects will mark his career.

Ever since the talented artist introduced himself to the public, his popularity has also been growing on other platforms. The number of followers who support his work grows daily on his Instagram profile. Before releasing his new song and visual at the end of May, Real5tar posted a photo from the video shoot and announced his new music project. After the song was released, the rapper posted the motivational video content of his visual, left a link in his BIO, and invited his followers to watch and comment.

If you are interested in what’s new that the artist has prepared, you can follow his Instagram profile and stay up to date with all the latest news.

Check out Real5tar’s visual for Impatient in the link below. Write in the comments how you like the song and the visual. If you are interested in the new projects prepared by this talented artist, you can subscribe to the official YouTube channel GRM Daily, where this visual is located.