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Sha Ek, New York Rapper, Age, Real Name, Height & Bio

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Sha Ek

Nickname: Sha Ek, Sha

Real Name: Chalim Perry

Place of Birth: The Bronx, NYC

Instagram: @sha_everythingk

Sha Ek, An Artist from The Bronx

The wave of drill coming out of The Bronx has been absolutely massive in recent hip-hop history. It seems like there is a non-stop torrent of astounding artists coming out of the famous NYC neighborhood. With the rise of the new sound comes the rise of new lyricists, so we would like to focus on one of its originators. Sha Ek is becoming an extremely well known name in the Bronx Drill scene, with his notoriety building on each new release.

Sha Ek was originally born under the name Chalim Perry to a pair of Hounduran parents. Growing up in the Melrose neighborhood of The Bronx was a major factor in the sound of his music today. Seeing friends at a young age end up in jail or the victim of gun violence influenced the aggressiveness and bite of his tracks. At fifteen, Sha was being left back in school and found that things weren’t going in a way he desired. That year as well, Sha had the visceral and traumatic experience of being shot. Through surviving this event, he was pushed to move his life in a powerful direction.

Sha Ek put in work night after night to turn his musical dream into reality. He wrote “Sha” when people asked who he was, keeping his identity a secret. “Ek” came as an abbreviation for “everything K”.  In 2020, just two years after the start of his pursuit, Sha Ek released his first truly viral track. “D&D” absolutely blew up on social media, with fans creating Tik Toks that would further push its popularity. Accumulating several millions streams on Spotify and other platforms, the record put Sha Ek on the map as one of the foremost artists in the Bronx scene.

Sha Ek
Sha Ek

Success and Major Labels

Sha Ek considers this to be the progenerative moment of NYC drill. Since then, the whole of the city following his wave.  His first album, “JIIGYONJIIGY”, released in November of 2020 and further solidified him as the father of Bronx drill. Subsequently, Sha Ek began to tour and build his fanbase through both Tik Tok and his extremely active Triller account. Altogether, this would all culminate in 2022 with his first album released on a major label. The Warner Bros.-backed “Face of What” dropped in September of that year, featuring hard hitting tracks like “New Opps”, “WHO YOU TOUCH”, and his original hit “D&D”. The title “Face of What” comes as a reference to what Sha wants his fans to decide: is he the face of The Bronx, NYC, or something even bigger.

After that project, Sha dropped his second major label record “Return of The Jiggy”. This new album carries themes of self-awareness and his feelings on the success he sees today. While it certainly holds the same violent and punchy bars of his earlier work, it also has new introspective lyrics on how rapping saved his life, and how signing a label placed his life on a better path.

With so much talent packed into this artist, it’s sure we’ll see more fantastic drops from him in 2023. Tap in with Sha Ek on Instagram to keep your eyes out for the new drops. Certainly, the father of Bronx drill has no intentions of slowing down.