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Pressa – 50 Wass Bars (Live Session)

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Pressa – 50 Wass Bars (Live Session)

On 2. 12. 2021. Pressa released a video for his song “50 Wass Bars,” and you can see it on Pressa BFR YouTube channel.

Pressa is a rapper from Toronto, now living in Los Angeles.

He has been active on the scene since 2016.

Since then, he released several mixtapes, singles, EPs and the studio album “Prestige” in 2019.

In 2020, he signed with Sony Music Canada and released a single “96 Freestyle” and album “Gardner Express.”

In November 2021, he released a deluxe version of “Gardner Express” featuring the song “50 Wass Bars”.

We were eager to see the video for this banger, and this is probably the closest we’ll get to that!

Pressa came out with a live session version of “50 Wass Bars” for the video he released at the beginning of December.

During the whole video, Pressa is in the very artistically designed studio, recording the tune.

It’s pretty simple, but it adds a special “unplugged” feeling to the song.

It’s a totally suitable ambient for the song’s story since the rapper opens his heart with a delicate flow.

He expresses his observations about the relationship game, the rap game, the life game.

With an incredible range of voices and perfect control over it, Pressa once again made a unique piece of art that all fans will enjoy.

You should go ahead and check out the video if you still haven’t.

Please, let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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Quotable lyrics:

“They say you gotta lose and keep on losin’ ’til you win (Win)

 They say you gotta hating, and keep on hatin’ ’til you hit

 Miss my cro, come back, I figured it’s a myth.”