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Johnny Carey – Get It

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Johnny Carey releases a new official video for the song Get It

Johnny Carey released his new song that delighted the audience. The premiere of the official video for the song Get It was on August 9, 2022. In a brief period, the song attracted a lot of attention from the audience and already had 200,000 views. The visual is on GRM Daily’s official YouTube channel. In addition to the excellent music, the audience is delighted with the visual content, and we are sure this song will become a big hit.

Johnny Carey did a great job filming his visual for the song Get It. The artist and his friends got together and had a great party on the yacht, where they shot this brilliant visual. The crowd enjoyed watching Johnny Carey rap to the beat, along with his crew following the song’s rhythm. Shooting the visual for this luxury yacht, the artist wanted to show how he lives life to the fullest.

In addition to the beautiful melody played by the guitar in the first bars, there is also a female voice that introduces us to an entirely new dimension. The rhythm and music are fast, just like Johnny Carey’s drill, where the artist fires his rhymes with fire and a lot of passion. The melody we hear in the first bars will repeat until the end of this song. Johnny Carey did a great job recording this song, and we can say that this style fits perfectly.

Johnny Carey is known to the public for his blogs, which you can find on his official YouTube channel. How famous this young artist is also shown by the fact that his channel has over 1.2 million followers who regularly follow his blogs. In addition to many blogs, Johnny decided to record a song, but he did not publish the song on his official channel.

His blogs on YouTube have millions of views, and this artist has many videos. The first video that appeared on his official channel was even 9 years ago. During this time, Johnny has recorded many exciting videos following current topics that his audience enjoys.

This artist is also famous on the Instagram platform. On his profile, we can see that over 275 thousand people follow him. Johnny Carey and his audience share many exciting photos and videos from various parties and football matches. Follow his Instagram profile to see more exciting content this artist publishes daily.

When the song was officially released, Johnny Carey shared a part of the official video with his followers on his Instagram profile. He invited his followers to watch the entire visual, leaving a link in the bio.

You can see the link for the song Get it on this page. Please tell us in the comments how you like Johnny Carey as a rapper and whether you like his song.

Read part of the lyrics of Get It below:

I’m an angel I’m a demon I’m a new born fawn
I’m the bobcat on the far side of the breaking dawn
I’m the ocean I’m the black stone you have cast alone
I’m the vulture I’m an eagle I’m a debutant