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Kampaign – Bigger & Bigger

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Kampaign drops a hit called ” Bigger & Bigger” for the upcoming summer.

On 21.5.2021. Kampaign dropped a song and a music video for ” Bigger& Bigger”.

The rapper has surprised his fans with another fresh hit that will definitely be on the charts.

The song has an easy flow, and the rapper added spicy lyrics to the whole concept.

The music and the video give us a chill summer vibe that comes as a real refreshment to the rap stage. He hops on the beat easily, and we can see that he is getting better and better in this game.

The young Toronto artist says in the song that he is getting bigger and better in his craft. and he acknowledges his rising fame. In the music video, he is seen flexing his cars and watches and not having a care in the world.

Most of his songs are energetic and rough. However, this time he has given us his “soft” side, focusing on the melodic tune and easy flow.

He had a really hard life, but he tries to stay positive and inspire others through his music.

Kampaign Songs

The rapper hasn’t been consistent with the releases of his songs, but when he drops a song, it is a banger.

His two most famous songs are ” Virgil Abloh” and “Trust”, which he dropped in 2019 and 2020.

We are still waiting for an album from Kampaign, which will definetly be his next big thing.

Check out Kampaign’s new music video and song in the link below:

Let us know in the comment section below if you think that this is the rapper’s best work so far.

Quotable lyrics:

” Know the way I move,

this ain’t nothing new,

never would have thought

I’d spent a thousand on some shoes,

never thought I’d see my family on the news.”