Pvrx – Drill


Pvrx has dropped a new hit called “Drill” on his YouTube channel.

The rapper, whose real name is Daniel Dove, has raised the bar with his long-awaited smash single. The young rapper has teased the song on his IG profile for days, and the fans are thrilled.

Many believe the rising artist is at the top of his game on this song.


Pvrx brings out those hood vibes that he has always put in his songs. Being born and raised in the hood, surrounded by gang violence and poverty, he has always found faith in his craft.

The track is really fast, and you have to play the song on repeat to catch all the dope rhymes the Toronto rapper throws. With his unique style and smooth rhymes, Pvrx is paving his way towards the top.

The 26-year-old rapper is seen in the music video spitting rhymes and enjoying his time with his friends in the hood. The upbeat flow perfectly matches his style, and he has once again proven that the dude can rap.

His last song, “Living Fast,” has over 200.000 views, and fans think this one will even do better.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Clean the spot the shit get sanitized

Slide by myself, ain’t gotta send the guys

I just got the drop hope I get there in time

Good with the plug, could get it ten a time

Catch him when he home, that nigga getting fried

Ain’t? they terrifiеd.”