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Hous3 of Commons Releases Their Collaboration Album “LASA6NA”



Hous3 of Commons Releases Their Collaboration Album “LASA6NA”

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Production Team & Artist Hous3 of Commons release their debut album ‘LASA6NA’ March 2022.

The long awaited EP by Hous3 of Commons ‘LASA6NA’ is a collection of 8 beautifully composed songs featuring some of Toronto’s top artists: LB Spiffy, Portion, Duvy, Nue, Hoodbaby Peppa & Rah Rah, Munna Cash, Blockboi Twitch and JohnC 7120. LASA6NA, a true showcase of pain filled lyricism over melodic compositions, hard hitting progressive drum patterns, and prominently acoustic mixed with a dab of synth instrumentation all brought together to captivate and connect with listeners on an emotional level.

The title LASA6NA was inspired by the famous Italian lasagna dish, which is prepared using an array of layers and ingredients which all glue together covered in zesty cheese and pasta sauce.

The cheffing and cooking aspect of the lasagna dish is very much comparable to the process behind creating the music for this project…not to forget, “real G’s move in silence”Lil Wayne “Working with Hous3 of Commons is always super kick up. We pull up, put some gas in the air, listen to beats and get straight to work. Every time we are in the studio we do at least 3 complete songs.

Hous3 of Commons is one of my favourite producers, so to be on the ‘LASA6NA’ tape it really means something to me..that’s facts! A lot more collabs on the way” – Munna Cash (artist)

“Hous3 Of Commons (HOC) is a producer-artist group. Our goal is to produce breakthrough songs and to build a successful discography across all platforms. Our path to success. includes collaborating with other Canadian music Artists and industry professionals to create consistent high quality musical content.”

Hous3OfCommons was Founded in 2018 and some collaborators include LB SPIFFY, Portion, K Money, 6ix Buzz Entertainment, Duvy, Lococity and OVO-afllliate 2Kz

Follow Them On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hous3ofcommons/

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Cocanina – Cadbury Sweet




On April 23rd, CocaNina dropped the music video for her new single “Cadbury Sweet” on her YouTube channel.

CocaNina dropped the song with the caption that her EP is loading, so we are super excited for this new chapter of hers. “Cadbury Sweet” is a mixture of sweet and sexy lyrics with amazing vocals and a dope beat.

CocaNina is taking her music to a whole new level with great visuals and amazing lyrics.

The visuals and the track go with each other perfectly, and the song itself got to number 4 on Apple’s playlist. CocaNina is so special because she has such a soothing voice and always talks facts in her songs.

The chorus is catchy and fun, and it gets stuck in your head after the first minute. Don’t skip this track if you are looking for something good for your playlist today.

She is so relatable and chill and fans are boosting her on Spotify. The rising star draws inspiration from her own life and artists such as BIG and Lauryn Hill, and that reflects in her music.

We can’t wait to see and hear what she will bring to the table with her new EP; we have big expectations.

Follow CocaNina on her IG profile below to keep up with her new releases:


Check out the hot music video for “Cadbury Sweet” above on this page. If you think CocaNina has great vocals, drop a comment down below.

Quotable lyrics for Cadbury Sweet:

“I like it when you are

bad, don’t stop, gangsta

way an attitude, love me,

love me not, you can call

me baby girl, I can call you

pops, if you want me like you

say you do, come on, tie the knot.”

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Pilla B – S.T.A.Y.




On April 22nd, Pilla B dropped the music video for “Still thinking about you” (S.T.A.Y.) on his YouTube channel. We can see the rapper in the visuals with his girl chilling and having fun. The song is off his new album “Interstellar”.

The versatile king has done it again; he has dropped something surprising but still got fans hooked on it. Every track on the album has a different vibe, but this one got fans interested in who the mystery girl in Pilla’s mind is.

You can check out the comment section on his IG; his fans made a whole story about this girl.

The track is chill, and Pilla B has some great punchlines. The fans love the vibe and Pilla’s vocals on this one. If you want to check out something cool today, don’t miss out on this track.

“Interstellar” the album

Pilla B dropped the album “Interstellar” recently with 6 tracks on it. “STAY” is the only one with the visuals, but maybe he will drop some more soon.

Pilla has been riding the scene for a while now, and everything he drops is successful. If you haven’t heard the album yet, don’t forget to check it out.

Follow Pilla B on his IG profile below if you want to keep up with his music:


Check out the music video for “Still thinking about you” above on this page, and leave a comment if you think the song is fire.

Quotable lyrics for S.T.A.Y.:

“Remember when I used

to laugh with you, you let

me fill up all that ass for you

bend it over here, and run 

the bag for you, smoke 

a blunt, and just do life

with you, and I heard you 

got a new nigga, and if I see

that new nigga it gonna be a masacre.”

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Astrokidjay – Shots




On April 13th AstroKidJay dropped the music video for his track “Shots” and reached almost 70k views.

The rapper recently released his album “Rose out the Mud,” with 10 tracks on it. “Shots” is not the title track, but it is one of the coolest songs on the album.

The track is a strange love story, and Astro raps about passion and self-care. The music video is like a movie, and Astro is the main actor. The chill vibe of the song is presented in the video, and we love Astro in it.

The bars are so cool; one of the best ones on the track is: “Cause I got you throw in’ circles, and you got me doin’ laps.”‘

Two months ago, Astro dropped “Will or Won’t,” which has a similar vibe to his one, so his fans are saying he is on a roll. The Toronto rapper went from recording his first hit in the closet to recording movie-like music videos.

The rapper said this album would be relatable to almost anyone, and we couldn’t agree more.

Check out the music video for “Shots” above on this page, and drop a comment if you think this song is dope.

Follow Astro on his IG profile below if you want to find out more about his music and career:


Quotable lyrics for Shots:

“They say sometimes it ain’t the pain, it’s the person (Oh, yeah, uh)

And you gone do it anyway

‘Cause deep down you know it’s gone be worth it

Please believe, I’m just being me when you seeing things the wrong way

Why would I waste my time?

Hiding what you see in my eyes

So please don’t let things bother you”.

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