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Roney – Luka Doncic

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Roney – Luka Doncic

Roney dropped a new video on 29. 11. 2021. for the song “Luka Doncic,” available on his YouTube channel.

Roney is a rapper from Toronto who started off on the local scene when he was seventeen.

Since then, he has released several mixtapes, albums and singles, and he is thriving upwards.

He was arrested at one point in his career, so his music was put on hold for a while.

Since he gained his freedom again, Roney quickly continued where he left off and dropped numerous bangers.

His new video “Luka Doncic” sparked huge interest and got more than 35.000 views in two weeks since the release.

If you are not familiar with basketball, the song’s name might sound confusing.

Luka Doncic is a young and successful basketball player from Slovenia who plays for the Dallas Mavericks team.

Roney seems to find Luka quite inspirational, as he drops the verse: “He was shooting like he was playing for the Mavericks; White boy shoot his shot, Luka Doncic.”

Roney is shooting with his rhymes like Luka Doncic, with piano samples and strong beats in the background.

In the video, the rapper hangs around and plays basketball with his friends as he tells the story of street life.

With a strong flow and fierce voice, the rapper created a banger that we were waiting for.

After checking out the video, let us know what you think about his new song in the comment section.

If you want to keep a close eye on Roney and his work, follow him on Instagram: @dgcrondawg

Quotable lyrics:

“Ron Dawg, I’m a dawg with a mandate

Keep it real with you, dawgs never be a snake 

Never ask, stack bread for your kid’s sake 

And it get hot in the city on a coldgetsy.”