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Maxo Kream – FOOTBALL HEADS ft. Benny The Butcher

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Maxo Kream releases a new official video “FOOTBALL HEADS” in a collab with Benny The Butcher

Maxo Kream did a great collaboration with Benny The Butcher for the premiere of their new song “Football Heads” was on July 15, 2022. The song has received over 600,000 views so far. The video is on Maxo Kream’s official YouTube channel. This unusual and exciting video set the internet on fire and brought a lot of lovely comments from the audience.

Maxo Kream and Benny The Butcher assembled the best team with whom they created high-quality visual content. The rappers gathered a team dressed as football players, and together with them, they created exciting scenes. In addition to the scenes with the players, there are also scenes from the football field. The scenes where Benny The Butcher is shown as a miniature on a table that no one notices are especially interesting to the audience.

Football Head is a song that pushes the boundaries, not only because of the interesting visual content but also because of the lyrics and themes the rappers covered in this project, which we don’t get the chance to hear often.

The music of this song is so intense and fits the whole concept of this project. With a catchy melody all the time in the background, the song looks like a jokey visual concept. With a light beat and rhythm, the lyrics of this song are easy to hear and remember.

The rappers have a recognizable singing style, but even if their voices are different, they match perfectly in this song. We have to admit that this song is one of the more interesting ones we can hear these days.

The audience is used to Maxo Kream making his song a hit every time, so before taking a short break of a few months, the rapper released two brutally good songs, Local Joker and Greener, with great visual content.

After the break, the rapper made a big comeback and released the song Jigga Dame 2 months ago. After the song “Football Head” followed a series of new songs that we did not expect. The new deluxe project has 4 new songs and is called Weight of the world. The rapper worked with many big names on this project and made hits that we will be listening to this summer.

From his deluxe edition, the song Mixin Juices, which the rapper did in collaboration with BabyFace Ray, for which they officially released the visual content a few days ago, stood out.

On his Instagram profile, Maxo Kream published a list of his performances that started in August and will last until the end of October, which especially delighted the audience. This list also includes the rapper’s performance at Rolling Loud in Toronto on September 11.

Click on the link below and watch the visual for the new song Football Heads. Write how you like the song and the collaboration with Benny The Butcher in the comments. If you want to hear about the new deluxe project, visit the rapper’s official YouTube channel, where you can find all the songs.