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Toosii – Love is…

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Toosii releases a new video for the song Love is

Toosii released a new visual “Love is” a few days ago that set the internet on fire and delighted the audience. In just a few days since the song was released, the song has over 3 million views. The video is on the Tossia 2x official YouTube channel. The song Love is a gentle emotional story that delighted the audience.

The visual for the song Love is one of the most beautiful visuals you will see these days. While we are watching the scenes with the rapper singing what is love for him, the scenes of the beautiful girl who represents the girl the rapper is singing about in this visual alternate. Straightforward video content with many beautiful scenes will make you enjoy this song and Toosii’s emotions.

This emotional story got the right sound with light, simple chords and a soft sound. The light rhythm and tempo make this song sound like a ballad and an emotional confession of this creative artist.

If you want to watch something emotional that will relax you, then Love Is is the song for you.

Tossii has achieved great success with her songs every time. In recent months, he has been active in releasing new visuals and new songs. Two months ago, Tossii released the song Keeper, which for this period received a lot of good comments from the audience and over 3.7 million views.

In addition, some other songs stood out, such as Letter to Ezrah and Love Me Easy. His emotional songs, in which the artist talks mostly about feelings and love, are consistently recognized by the audience, and each song becomes a big hit.

Toosii’s music is also trendy on Spotify, where his songs are listened to by 1.8 listeners per month. His most listened-to song on this platform is Love Hurts, which has over 24 million streams.

Tootsie is very popular and active on the Instagram platform. His profile has almost 4 million followers who adore his music. In addition to music, the rapper is happy to publish other content, such as photos or videos created in his private life. If you want to be up to date with all the current events that this artist publishes, follow his Instagram profile.

Click on the link and watch the new video for the song Love Is. Please write in the comments how you like the visual and the song and which is your favorite Toosii song. If you want, you can hear more music and a lot of short vlog posts on his official YouTube channel.

Below, report part of the lyrics of the song Love is:

Yeah, stay on the other side of the fence
I don’t know, this was four years, ‘fore ya it’s me, it’s me
I done did a lot for us than just make love
Then, it’s like we break up, see, you like to take stuff
Take my heart and put it on the train tracks