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Moula 1st Strikes Back: ‘On My Way 2 Rexdale (Nav Diss)’ Shakes Up the Scene

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The Canadian rap scene is exciting as Moula 1st dropped his latest single, “On My Way 2 Rexdale (Nav Diss),” on June 7. This hard-hitting track directly responds to NAV’s “On My Way 2 Rexdale,” which came out just a month earlier. As part of Moula 1st’s ambitious 27-track album, Revenge (Super Max Deluxe), the single has quickly gained traction, with fans flooding the comments section on YouTube with praise like “Michael’s back!” and “Your best track yet.”

Moula 1st, known for his sharp lyricism and uncompromising style, doesn’t hold back in this latest release. “On My Way 2 Rexdale (Nav Diss)” is a powerful statement, showcasing Moula 1st’s talent for weaving personal narratives with broader themes of loyalty and rivalry. 

The single opens with a gritty beat that immediately grabs attention, setting the stage for Moula 1st’s piercing verses. His delivery is confident and aggressive, making it clear that he has a message. The lyrics delve into the complexities of street life, personal struggles, and the ever-present desire to rise above the noise. It’s a raw, unfiltered look into Moula 1st’s world, offering listeners an authentic glimpse into his journey.

Listen to the track on YouTube, or check out the full album here.

On My Way To Rexdale

Moula 1st’s Bold Move with ‘Revenge (Super Max Deluxe)’

Moula 1st has been a staple in the Toronto rap scene for years. Growing up in the challenging neighborhoods of Toronto, Moula 1st found solace and expression in music. His early work quickly caught the attention of local audiences, and he soon became known for his gritty storytelling and compelling beats.

His previous projects have all received positive reviews, but Revenge (Super Max Deluxe) represents a new peak in his career. The album is a comprehensive showcase of his artistic evolution, blending elements of traditional hip-hop with contemporary sounds. With 27 tracks, it’s an extensive body of work that allows Moula 1st to explore various themes and styles, from introspective tracks to high-energy anthems.

“On My Way 2 Rexdale (Nav Diss)” stands out on the album, not just for its direct address to NAV but for its raw emotional power. Moula 1st uses the track to lay bare his thoughts and feelings, offering a rare level of transparency in the industry. This openness makes his music so compelling; it’s not just about the beats or the rhymes but about the real-life experiences that inform them.

The reception to the track has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans and critics alike praising Moula 1st’s lyrical prowess and bold approach. Comments like “Moula 1st NEVER disappoints!” highlight the excitement and anticipation that his return has generated. Moula 1st has struck a chord with his audience, reaffirming his status as a leading figure in Canadian rap.

Revenge (Super Max Deluxe) is more than just an album; it’s a statement. It’s a testament to Moula 1st’s resilience and unwavering commitment to his craft. With tracks like “On My Way 2 Rexdale (Nav Diss),” he’s not just responding to the competition; he’s setting the bar higher for himself and the entire scene. As Moula 1st continues to push boundaries and challenge expectations, one thing is certain: his voice will not be ignored.

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