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J.I. – Riot

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J.I.’s new single “Riot” is out now. Find it on all platforms and stream it below

J.I. ignited the audience when he released his new song Riot 7 days ago. The song has almost half a million views and over 23,000 likes in just one week. You can find the video for the song Riot on rapper J.I.’s official YouTube channel.

To the audience’s great delight, this song resounded in just a few days.

The first thing we can notice is the high level of production quality and the whole team that worked on shooting this video. J.I. is surrounded by luxury, and with his team, he gives incredible energy and draws you to start singing with him immediately. They shot the video in several outdoor locations and paid attention to detail in each scene. We can notice that the rapper took special care of the jewellery outfit for himself and for the team that appears in the video.

The audience was also delighted by the fantastic drill and the intensity of the rap, which gets stronger and stronger from the beginning to the end of the song.

J.I., in the song, talks about motivation, his feelings, and some situations that inspire him to wake up and react violently, how fearless he is and does everything he wants. This life story and the song’s lyrics are close to the audience, which is why this song received daily positive reactions and a lot of comments of support.

Justin Irwin Rivera, better known as J.I., got another name from the audience: Prince of N.Y. J.I. became known to the general public when he appeared in a show called The Rap Game by Jermaine Dupree. In this show where the world audience gets to know the rappers, J.I. was one of the world’s best rappers chosen to appear in The Rap Game.

The song is available on all platforms but also on social networks. The rapper is active on all social networks, and he announced everywhere that the song came out, inviting fans to watch the video.

J.I.’s all songs are big hits, and they all score over several million views, which will certainly be the case with this song as well.

The first blogs and video reactions to the song Riot appeared on YouTube the same day the song came out. Bloggers could hardly wait to listen to the song, and we can say that everyone rated it 10/10.

If you haven’t had a chance, play a new song by J.I. today, like it and leave a comment. If you want to listen to some of his old songs but also to see new songs, subscribe to his official YouTube channel, where almost a million Ipo followers follow him.

Read part of the lyrics of his new song below:

Imma fuck around and start a riot
Fuck them niggas who don’t like it
Told that bitch she gon have to keep it private
Two hundred thousand on a private
I don’t know what they want from me
But niggas should know not to fuck wit me
You know wassup with me
I could walk around in your hood comfortably