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LNC Capo – Win

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LNC Capo drops out new video for song Win

LNC Capo released a new visual for the song Win a month ago. This talented Toronto rapper brought the ultimate energy and music to this video. The song has over 4 thousand views, many good reviews, and supportive comments. LNC Capo’s audience recognized his story and connected perfectly with the new song. The rapper released the song on his official YouTube channel LNC Music.

The video is truly an abundance of luxury and opulence, both in terms of production quality, good sound, and other elements. The visual begins by highlighting the symbols of all the luxury cars that will later be in the foreground throughout the video. As LNC Capo wanted to show the text and tell what victory is for him, he decided on the most luxurious vehicles that would bring that story through visuals. He blended the street scenes perfectly, alternating the parking lot scenes throughout the visual.

The entire video is a concept designed as a black and white creation where the artist chose black and white cars, black and white clothing, and even a white dog. With such contrasts through two colors and simplicity,it evokes the contrasts of struggle and completes his life story.

His flow and moving rhythm in the beat are a good combination. A very melodic piano part in the intro will later run throughout the song match with LNC Capo freestyle rapping. It is interesting that in some moments, the barking of the dog that we can see in the visual fits with the ends of the phrases of LNC Capo’s rapping.

The artist introduced himself to the public a few years ago, and his popularity is increasing. When he first released the single for the song Pain 4 years ago, it received over 75 thousand views. Upside continued to lower with other musical projects. The song Don’t Judge Me stands out, which he released 2 years ago, and 285 million people viewed the visual for this song. In addition to his songs, LNC Capo also collaborates well with other artists. Team up with LNC Grind for the brutally good song Married To My Money. The visual for this song has over 82 thousand views.

On the official YouTube channel of LNC Music, in addition to LNC Capo’s videos, there are also LNC Grind videos, which also achieved a large number of views and success with the audience.

We expect the same great success with the song Win as LNC Capo achieved with previous projects.

Along with the video and several photos from the visual, the rapper promoted his video on his Instagram profile. LNC Capo invited his followers to watch the visual, comment, and share. His last post on his Instagram profile is a photo of a luxury car, where we can see that the rapper likes these cars.

Check out the visual for the song Win below; write in the comments if you like this video and the rapper’s style.