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Akz – Lets Go

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Lets Go by AKZ | GRM Daily Production 

Akz is the emerging sensation of the UK urban music industry. The song Lets Go is sung by Akz, a young man only 16 years old and is the track on everyone’s playlist. The 3:23 minutes song is brought forth to youngsters by a YouTube channel GRM daily, an epicenter of UK urban culture. The spitting in this track is beautifully chanted by Akz. 

The song has got its spotlight fame due to its highly heated sort of action performed by the very cast of this video. Screams and contrast vocals introduce the hip-hop emceeing in the song which gives it a mellifluous tone. Moreover, the musical accompaniment in the song leaves the listeners catching a flight. Not only is the beat of the song sweet-sounding but the rhymes are too euphonic.


 Urban music has always been sought-after due to its high base, elevated beat, magnificent dancers, and sizzling vocalists, so has this song. The voice of Akz is soothing to the ears. He left no stone unturned while delivering this performance. The Lets Go song is in vogue due to its flabbergasted scenery and background. Hip-hop has had a myriad of influence on society as it reflects many societal issues. The Lets Go song befriends the subject matter of action, romance, fight, conflict and violence in its very enchanting manner. 

Akz’s popularity is not only based on his intriguing voice and engrossed style but the fact involved is that he can blend together classics with versatility. The lets Go song has the ability to light up fire being played once. The listeners barely take their ears off once the Lets Go is played because of its stunning music productions. 

Nevertheless, the Akz is under the eye of critics for being so stiff in this song. He lacks the art of facial expressions and looks like a young kid insisted on doing. Despite that, the rapping and emceeing of the track has got phenomenal reviews over it’s high quality direction and jaw-dropping acts. The two girls dancing back and forth is vividly profound. The song catches criticism and applause simultaneously.