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Flash Milla – Medusa

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Flash Milla dropped a music video for his song “Medusa,” and we are vibing with this song all day long. The rapper talks about how he fell in love with a medusa who turned his heart into a stone, and we can see the girl he is talking about in the visuals.

However, she managed to destroy one dude, but she left the club with Milla. The music video is cool, and it complements the vibe of the song perfectly. This is one of the first Milla’s songs that truly showed his rhythm and dope bars.

The rapper has been in the game for some time now, but people are just noticing his style and talent. He has something different that we can hear in his collaborations, and he is starting to play in the singles game as well.

So far, the young Toronto rapper has done features like “Dead People” and “Mud,” and we finally get to see him take on some serious singles. Another song that we really like is “Magical”, and you should check it out as well.

“Medusa” should definitely hit a million views because of the mad energy, dope beat, and cool lyrics. Canada should not sleep on Flash Medusa because he is no joke. The rapper has a unique flow, and we can’t wait to see him develop.

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Quotable lyrics:

“260 on the dash,

when I am mash, I am the gas,

girl, why you so fast,

knocked you right on your ass,

Flash Milla dripped out, she with me.”