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Trapland Pat – Big Business (Remix) Ft. Rick Ross

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Trapland Pat in a collab with Rick Ross drops out new official video for the remix version Big Business 

These great guys came together and made a collaboration to remember. Namely, Trapland Pat and Rick Ross did a great remix and released a new visual. The premiere of the new official video for the song Big Business was on August 10, and so far, the song has been viewed by almost 400 thousand people. The visual is on Trapland Pat’s official YouTube channel. Interestingly, their collaboration completely delighted the audience so we can read many great comments below the video.

Visual is exciting content. In the video for the song Big Business, you can enjoy scenes with many people who, together with these two rappers, enjoyed the remix of this song. You can also see an unusual sight related to Trpaland Pat. Namely, Trapland Pat filmed the visual for his last song by climbing on a horse so that we could see the horse riding. Rick Ross favoured a lighter version: relaxation and dancing to the rhythm of this remix. Both rappers in this visual were surrounded by beautiful, attractive women who completed this visual.

Energetic and fast chords in the piano that we can hear in the first bars give the rhythm of the whole song, and their lyrics build on that. To avoid forgetting this beat during the whole song, we can listen to it with a repeating melody.

The song Big Business on Spotify has almost the same number of streams as on YouTube and is slowly becoming one of his most listened-to songs on this platform. This talented artist can boast the success of 400 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify.

Trapland Pat released his latest album called Trapnificient 2 months ago. The list includes 18 great songs that the rapper worked with several producers. The song that the audience particularly liked was the song Mad. Immediately after the album’s release, the artist made a visual for this song. The official video for this song currently has over 93 thousand views.

Trapland Pat is very popular on Instagram. Almost 150 thousand people follow the rapper on this platform. The artist uses this platform to share information about new projects and current songs he is working on with his fans and other people who follow him. In addition to the musical content, we can also see other exciting content from his private life.

If you haven’t seen the song Big Business, click on the link on this page. Please write in the comments how you like this awesome remix. If you want to listen to the rapper’s latest album, you can find it on his official YouTube channel and other current projects.

Read part of the lyrics below:

Call the weed man, ’cause this shit here swappery
It’s bappery, I’m gettin’ fed up
My brother like, “Pat, you gotta keep that bread up”
How you got tools? You don’t keep that lead up
Got rounds, got pounds, what you tryna do now?