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Trippie Redd – Big 14 ft. Offset & Moneyybagg Yo

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Trippie Redd in a collab with Offset and Moneyybagg Yo drops out a new visual for the song Big 14

This incredible crew made a good collaboration recording a new song Big 14 was on August 5, 2022. Over 4.1 million people watched the song for this short, leaving many comments admiring their collaboration. The visual is on Trippie Redd’s official YouTube channel. The new visual became a hit at high speed, and we expect an even more significant number of streams and views.

These great rappers have created a light variant of visual presentation where they focus on rhymes. The audience can enjoy several great locations, and the scenes with a view of the city especially delight the audience. As offset and Moneyybagg Yo join Trippie Redd with their rhymes, they also appear in the video. Visual is a costly and high-quality material made with the highest quality products.

Trippie Redd and Offset have a similar singing style and voice colour, so the difference is felt when Moneyybagg Yo performs. The song Big 14 is at a moderate, calm, leisurely tempo, where we enjoy every verse of this song and the melody that repeats all the time.

This track has seriously set the internet on fire, so in just a few days, it has exceeded the number of views from YouTube on Spotify. Big 14’s song has over 5 million streams on Spotify. That’s to be expected, given that Trippie Redd has almost 20 million monthly listeners on this platform.

Trippie Redd became recognizable for his visuals that pushed all boundaries. Namely, this creative artist came up with the idea of ​​creating his visual content as an animated film or a combination of an animated film with some gaming elements. What is fantastic is that the artist released a lot of content like this that completely delighted the audience and brought unique energy. Not only did the artist meet his fans’ great enthusiasm, but he also brought a new dimension. We don’t have the opportunity to see this kind of creative concept of visual presentation of our songs often in this music scene.

In addition to the brutally good visuals we had the opportunity to watch, we could enjoy his latest album, which contains 6 great songs from last year. In the past year, the rapper has published a lot of quality content on his channel and does not stop bringing hits to his audience.

If you haven’t seen the new visual, see the link below. Please let us know in the comments how you like the collaboration between these artists and what is your favourite Trippie Redd song and visual so far.

Read part of the lyrics below:

Get the fuck up, I don’t know (Go)
Thirty-round Glock for the internet trolls (Bah)
Fuck on a thot, I’ma pay for the bros (Yes, sir)
Count up a M in one night in my Rolls (Count up)