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Hoodlum – Deva (Video)

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Toronto rapper Honcho Hoodlum releases another freestyle rap mix!

Released on 6 April 2021, Honcho Hoodlum’s new single Deva is quite appreciated among rap lovers. With only a few days gone, the official video of the song has been released on YouTube and has already gained over 7K views and seems like it might just be the song Hoodlum needed to actually garner attention for him.

The video features Hoodlum at night and on the streets, representing that that’s where he started off. The song contains a good level of energy, something listeners look for when hearing a rap, and an easy cool rap that sets in mind quite rapidly, thus letting listeners sing along to it too. With lyrics that strike meaningfully and not just material that rhymes together, actions that represent expressions and deeper meanings, and videography that gives justice to the tone and tempo of the rap and sets the background that matches the song, Hoodlum’s new music video is all set to glorify his musical record.

The song has all the features of a good rap and has the potential to create an increase in the number of loyal fans Hoodlum currently possesses, though a few critics claim his songs aren’t good enough to actually pave a way for him into the music industry or to rise on the charts of some of Toronto’s best freestyle street rappers. It could be because of the increasing competition in the freestyle rap industry, with rappers and rock singers surfacing in every alley.

However, Hoodlum continues to release more of his songs for the fans that await them, like, “The Marriott” and “My City Crazy” on YouTube with most of them garnering enough views to keep him in the limelight, though maybe not enough to make him a legend with a legacy.