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Loco City – Dead N*gga ft. 6ixbuzz (Video)

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Toronto rapper Loco City releases the new King Bee-directed official music video “DEAD N*GGA,” featuring 6ixbuzz.

Loco City is a young Toronto star that is rising. He is undoubtedly catching more and more attention from the audience. A couple of his singles, such as “Do Sum,” ”Love My Block,” “Credit Card,” and others, are already racking up a couple of million streams and views on many different platforms. He is unquestionably most famous for his songs “CP24,” with over 2.4 million views, “Krazy,” with 1.7 million, and “Job Done,” with over 2.2 million views on YouTube.

This amazing artist is telling stories through his music about his chaotic community and his life experiences. Everybody in his hood loves his music that is full of powerful lyrics and catchy melodies. He is definitely on a good way to become recognized even outside of his current fan base. Music that he shares with the crowd keeps him motivated to make more. Until now, he introduced to us his two albums called “Escroll” and “Save Yourself.” Be sure that there is more to come from this great Toronto rapper.

The song “DEAD N*GGA” was released on January 24, 2021, and is already racking up more than 285k views on YouTube. Loco collaborated with many people on this song, such as 6ixbuzz, King Bee production that directed the video, Hous3 of Commons that produced it, and @2 TAB. Visuals and @_jsnp who did drone op and additional footage. The whole team working on this project made sure that it meets all the standards of today’s music scene. Loco skillfully set the song on a higher level by showing his great appearance and fantastic voice.

Check out the official music video “DEAD N*GGA” above, make sure to follow the work of Loco City, and stream his music on all available platforms.