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Solid 16s x Da Crook

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Da Crook jumped on “Solid 16’s” like it was nothing, and he made one of the best drill tracks we have heard. Just one second into the freestyle and you will love it, but the second part is what will get you hooked.

The second part of the song is pure fire, and it is like everything  builds up to that moment when Da Crook’s energy and talent explodes. He set the bar so high with this new track, that the next one who hops on this series, is going to be in trouble.

Da Crook just has the way with words, and he can make any sound a banger.The freestyle is just  what he essentially is-  a master of flows and bars. If you want to hear something cool today, than Da Crook’s new song should be up next.

The whole interview will come up soon on “ Solid 16s’’ YouTube page, so don’t miss out on that. Da Crook speaks on some things, and we need to hear them asap.

After “ Hope” we didn’t expect a freestyle from Da Crook, but he is constantly working and improving his game. On every track he is different but keeps his badass vibe.

Check out the music video for Da Crook’s new track above on this page.Leave a comment down below if you think the freestyle is genius. 

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Here is Da Crook’s social media account, in case you don’t follow him:

Quotable lyrics:

“Next one, knocking them down

my youngins go crazy no calming

them down, hot in the city than fly to 

town, they hit up the mall, they 

hop in the booth.”