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Ultraslapdown x Latenight Leno – Stay Live 97

On 1. 12. 2021. Ultraslapdown and Latenight Leno released the video for their joint track “Stay Live 97” on the TRLCLB416 YouTube channel.

Ultraslapdown is Toronto based rapper who emerged in 2020. 

Since then, he has stood out with his voice tonality and cadence.

For the song “Stay Live 97,” he joined forces with Latenight Leno, an upcoming rapper from Malvern, with Panamanian-Jamaican roots that influenced his style. 

Ultraslapdown, back then known as Half, already cooperated with Latenight Leno in the previous years, releasing the song “Nuttin To Me” and a few others. 

It’s clear that they make a perfect duo and can do great things together. 

Both bring fresh creativity, a personal story to tell, and outstanding dedication to the music. 

“Stay Live 97” is one more step forward in expressing both rappers’ life experiences and musical creativity.

The song starts with drums and an easy piano melody that keeps flowing until the end.

Rappers are joining with clear and perfectly tuned verses, following the track’s melody in a creative and skilled way.

They give us a glimpse into their game, speaking about life, money, and street experience.

The video is simple but effective, with rappers hanging out in a neighborhood parking lot. 

The camera doesn’t move much from the location, but the details and effects and the perfectly synchronized music keep attention on the place.

In the comments below, you can fill us in with your opinion about the two rappers and their song.

If you want to get more acquainted with both rappers’ work and future releases, follow them on Instagram.

Ultraslapdown Instagram: @ultraslapdown 

Latenight Leno Instagram: @LatenightLeno

Quotable lyrics:

“All I want is money and respect

You can keep the fame

Lil nigga stay in your place

And don’t speak my name.”