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wewantwraiths – Most Wanted ft. Nafe Smallz

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Wewantwraiths Drops Cold Single, Most Wanted featuring Nafe Smallz 

Most Wanted by wewantwraiths featuring Nafe Smallz is a straight icy video opening with a Lamborghini, and it only gets colder when a Ferrari, Porsche, and Mercedes are shown. The different displays of high-end luxury cars set the icy tone for the entire music video. Both wewantwraiths and Nafe Smallz are UK rappers who absolutely bodied this track with their back-to-back verses. Click the link above to watch their music video, Most Wanted.

Wewantwraiths and Nafe Smallz are both well-known artists in the UK, and for them to come together to create Most Wanted is insane. Wewantwraiths made his debut into the music scene in 2020, with his singles Unforgettable with over 3.9 million views and Chanaynay with about 7.5 million views on YouTube, putting himself on everyone’s radar. Explaining why the young UK rapper is indeed “most wanted.” 

wewantwraiths Most Wanted

wewantwraiths – Most Wanted

More About Him

While wewantwraiths stepped into the music scene in 2020, Nafe Smallz has been making music since 2015, dropping his singles In the Zone and What Do You Mean. It didn’t take long for Nafe Smallz to gain a lot of attraction, as he worked with many well-known artists like M Huncho, D-Block Europe, and Lil Tjay-making Nafe Smallz, an artist that many people want to work with.  

Most Wanted showcases wewantwraiths and Nafe Smallz’s current lifestyle as successful rappers, as we see different high-end sports cars throughout the video while being covered in icy jewelry. Wewantwraiths says, “we want shootin’ starts on our ceilin,” referring to a Rolls Royce, another luxury car. Nafe Smallz says, “white diamonds, white gold power the wrist,” referring to high-end jewelry. Thus, giving this music video a very lavished vibe.

Most Wanted premiered on August 25, 2022, with currently over 302K views. Go check out this icy video to get a taste of the lavished life. While you’re at it, give wewantwraiths and Nafe Smallz a follow on Instagram.