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AR Paisley – Too Attached

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AR Paisley Puts Out Latest Single “Too Attached”

Punjabi rapper AR Paisley has just released their newest single “Too Attached”. The song comes in support of their recently released full length “Pressure” which came out August 10th of this year. Rapid fire flows and unique cadences mark this new heater as a powerhouse track from the rapper.

The Mississauga born Punjabi rapper began writing bars in high school, but at the time rap was not his main focus. After dropping out, AR began taking hip-hop more seriously by competing in rap battles throughout Toronto and on the radio. Their debut record “Screwface” came out in 2017 and cemented the young rapper as one to watch out for. Since his debut, AR Paisley has been making music non-stop with three more full length LPs and dozens of singles. With the goal of creating more South Asian representation in Hip-Hop music, AR is a trailblazer for other South Asian rappers in the scene

He has the numbers to back it up too, with many of his tracks reaching hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify. Several songs have easily crossed the one million plays mark, including “Still Grateful”, “Cost Ya”, and “Gold Soul”. His live performance hustle has also been really taking off this year, securing a spot at Toronto’s Rolling Loud on the same stage that Future would occupy later that night. With well-crafted and fast flowing bars, AR Paisley names himself a student of Ludacris, Biggie, 2Pac, and 50 Cent. Clearly he is building up to become yet another legend in the scene.

AR Paisley Too Attached

AR Paisley – Too Attached

Fast Cars and Faster Flows

“Too Attached” starts us off with a gorgeous soul sample and trap piano line. As the sample soars into a high pitched vocal run, we are hit with a deep and dramatic reese bass that sets the tone for the track. AR Paisley begins rattling off bars at great speed, dropping the song title within the first few lines (“Can’t love a hoe/no she needa go/She way too attached”). AR gives us line after line about balling out, dodging the haters, and living a lavish lifestyle. He also reps his cultural heritage throughout the song too, with bars like “I’m in the cut with the pajis and they be speaking Punjabi”.

The video features AR in a beautiful Red Ferrari driving through the streets of Toronto, with sounds of the engine being intercut smoothly with the rest of the track. The rapper is seen in several locations throughout the city spitting with aggression and confidence. Along with the urban locations, there is a dimly lit white set showcasing another beautiful car with a large sack of money overflowing on the hood. Undeniably a stylish music video, it creates a somber but aggressive tone that pairs well with the song

Follow AR Paisley on Instagram to check out his candid studio pictures and stay in the loop on his latest releases. His latest album “Pressure” is out now, we encourage you to check out “Too Attached” and all the other fantastic tracks.