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CWOPPO Brings Out Newest Track “Pressure”

Toronto artist CWOPPO brings the heat with their latest trap banger “Pressure”. This track is the first drop on their YouTube channel and comes as an eclectic rush of fast paced bars and dirty rhymes that you absolutely must check out.

A music video with the distinct flavour of the 6ix, director King Bee highlights the CN tower to let you know exactly where CWOPPO is repping. Also featured clearly are Tim Hortan’s cups that the rapper and his crew carry throughout the video, though we suspect they aren’t filled with coffee. CWOPPO is seen rapping in an industrial looking area next to two beautiful white cars with suicide doors. The location changes frequently throughout the video, featuring night time shots that show off a sign for “25 Bishop Tutu Blvd”, which we suspect is where the rapper hails from. Holding a massive stack of Canadian bills, the rapper is seen delivering flows with ease as his friends shoot blue smoke into the air. 



Street Rap Delivered With Cold Confidence

The beat for “Pressure” comes as a dramatic piano line with a subtle hi-hat on every beat. Underscored by a squishy bass and extremely fat sub, the elegant simplicity helps to make every line by CWOPPO really pop. The rapper’s bars come off clean, with icy lines like “they try to push up on they gang/ we’ll have them ducking like a bitch” and “bitch ass kid claims he a gangster/ he could die in his Vlone”. Other great lines include “Cut my dope a hundred times/I kill the block my shit too strong” and the signature part of the hook “turn my block into a playground/ nintendo switch you cannot duck”. Every bar is delivered in a calm and collected tone.

You can find CWOPPO on Instagram, where his profile pic is himself holding a gigantic stack of money. His IG features clips from their latest video as well as some candid shots of his associates. Tap in with this young rapper and keep on the lookout for the next track they have for us.