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Ash – On My Own

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Ash is On His Own, in New Single On My Own 

Ash demonstrates his versatility as an artist in his new single, On My Own, released on September 25, 2022, on the GRM YouTube channel. Ash is an artist from London that creates untraditional UK Hip Hop music that revolves around religious and spiritual themes, as seen in On My Own. A first listen to this single is a chilling experience, giving listeners goosebumps with how talented the lyrical artist is. The lyrics, melody, production, and visuals of this song are all beautifully curated to give listeners a soulful experience.

Light vs. Darkness

On My Own is centred around a religious theme while taking a reminiscent route to discuss Ash’s struggles and upbringing. The music video’s setting takes place in an empty and dark warehouse, where we find Ash approaching a spotlight where he will remain for the entire music video to deliver his performance. This setting allows a sense of intimacy between Ash and the listeners, pulling their attention to the song’s message instead of distracting the audience with a glamourized music video. The lyrics are also visibly shown at the bottom of the screen to encourage listeners to follow along. Overall, the dark background and light forefront are symbolic in demonstrating how Ash overcame many hardships to achieve his current success. 

Ash On My Own

Ash – On My Own

Adapted to the Darkness

The music video’s setting and symbolism are immediately addressed at the song’s beginning, when he says, “I’ve adapted to the darkness where’s my Kryptonite.” This bar implies that Ash went through and overcame so many challenges that nothing can penetrate his spirits now. The artist also mentions how he went through these hardships alone with no friends and support. However, he admits that he had the help of his family, but this makes him feel guilty because he believes that it’s his role to support them and not the other way around. This emotion is apparent when Ash says,

“Smiling with my dad, I just borrowed money from mumzy. Now I’m crying in my room cause I don’t feel like they should fund me. Dargie, I should fund them, show them I love them…fake friends bun them.”

In addition to explaining his hardships, Ash also explores a religious theme throughout the music video, making tributes to his relationship with God. This connection is evident when he says, “way before Dior, I was Christian.” This bar is a double entendre to the designer brand Christian Dior. It serves the religious theme of the song while saying that before his success, he was a religious man. Definitely, one of many poetic bars in this song.

Ash demonstrates that he’s an elevated artist, from his vocal range between the singing choruses and rapping verse to the poetic message behind the lyrics. Give On My Own, a listen by YouTube the YouTube video linked above.

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